Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disaster strikes!

Someone forgot to close their window before they left for spike and the pipes froze. Now Walsh Hall (where most people live) is majorly water-damaged from the flooding and they've kicked all the local teams out. We're living in Marion Hall until they get things cleaned up. Or are we? Now there's asbestos in the walls to deal with, so whereas before we'd be allowed to eat in the kitchen and watch T.V. i  the lounge at least, now we can't go in at all. Except, it's safe. We're getting mixed messages and no one really has any idea what's going on. One thing's for sure -- no one's happy. We have to eat out every night and it's using up our food budget, and they made us move out within 4 hours. (My room was finally looking organized. Now it's a mess again.) Hopefully we'll be back in Walsh after break.
In other news, I'm tired, so I'll write about Project C.U.R.E.'s awesomeness later.

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