Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have the internet!

So, I'm finally all set up and "processed" but it's taken most of the day and I'm burnt out so this post will once again be rather short.
The Denver airport had Tornado shelters, apparently.
They turned out to be just the bathrooms. It's still interesting though. (The office on campus doubles as a fallout shelter, too.)

The  dorm's a bit messier now than it was in this pic.
And we have a view of the graveyard! Hurrah!

The dorm situation has been series of serendipitous coincidences. I'm rooming with a girl named Lesly, who's girlfriend I met on the shuttle ride from the airport. We're all in the same unit (Earth), and the girlfriend, Francine, is right next door. We got along immediately, which was quite a relief.

Francine is on the left, Lesly's on the right.
Orientation and in-processing were tedious, but not so slow that I didn't manage to be late to nearly everything. It was entertaining to watch the ASL interpreters, though. They had the most entertaining expressions --  everything was exaggerated and sometimes contradicted what the speech was about. They made it seem like they were passing secret messages to those who could understand them.

The food's good, but the view's better. Unfortunately, being late included almost missing lunch today.

I'm starting to like the uniforms. They're not the most flattering of outfits, and the khakis chafe, and the belt is confusing, but I love having so many pockets. I can fit in a whole water bottle and still have room for my camera in the same pocket.

The routine here's easy to get into. I already feel like I've been here at least a week. As I think I've mentioned, though, it's exhausting. I should probably get more sleep.


  1. woooow tornado shelter and fallout shelter? O.O and post a pic of the uniforms! :D sounds like you're having fun ^.^ I don't think i'd last in the life... cuz i have to always be on time LOL

  2. Photo of you in uniform, please! And are those the graves of all the AmeriCorps volunteers that didn't make it?

  3. The graves belong to nuns who taught at the school. I'll post a picture... eventually.