Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We ended up in Rocky Mountain National Park, which was cool but not snowy. We left at 9am and didn't get there 'til 11. Unfortunately we only got to hike for an hour because the Team Leaders wanted to started driving back before traffic hit. It was fun all the same, and we saw an excellent waterfall. I forgot my camera or I'd have pictures now. (I borrowed someone else's though, so there'll be some later.)

My team got lost on the way back, so it took us twice as long as it did to get up there. We passed stores selling elk jerky, and I wanted to get some for James, but they wouldn't stop.

There was a pumpkin-carving contest held at 7pm. I came in second place with a creepy smile, although according to the people standing near me, I came in first by popular vote. Lots of people took pictures, and one guy set it as his cell phone wallpaper. The winner was a wolf.

I had to stick one of the teeth back on with a needle,
& I should have spent more time on the eyes.

They're going to roast all the pumpkin seeds from about a dozen or so pumpkins, so I will get to have some this year after all. I was really disappointed  before when I thought I wouldn't be able to do much for Halloween here, but with this, helping the local Boys & Girls Club, and the party next Friday, it's shaping up pretty well.
I have a post of the last couple of days halfway done, so I'll work on that tomorrow.


  1. Love love love the jack o'lantern!

  2. yaaay halloween festivities! Sounds like you're gonna have fun :3 nice jack o'lantern haha. looks like it takes a lot of skill haha