Sunday, October 23, 2011


It's Laundry Day, so I've got lots of time on my hands. Let's see. The Boys & Girls Club's Halloween party on Friday went well, but there wasn't much for us to do. (In case I forgot to mention, most of my previous team signed up to do an Independent Service Project there.) The girls who had taken charge of contacting everyone and double-checking everything decided that they were bored so we all left early, although we had only been there for three of our assigned four hours. I agree that we weren't really needed all the time, but we left before cleaning up and just when the teens' dance party was starting. (One of our jobs was chaperoning.)
The CTI portion of the day was filled with lectures.

Saturday was (mostly) uneventful. A mandatory meeting got everyone up at 7am. Apparently someone had made some hateful and racist remarks in the dorms on Friday and the director wanted to talk to everyone about it. I went back to sleep immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, Fire Management had a meeting off-campus so they missed lunch. When one group has to pack a lunch (at breakfast), we all do, and the cafeteria is closed until dinner. I was going to just eat cereal, but Lesly and Francine invited me out to lunch instead. We ended up shopping around for Christmas decorations for their first Christmas living(ish) together. (They're both staying here over break.) Their mini tree is already decked-out for Halloween.

I found out yesterday that we have a nice little book room called "The Cozy Corner" inside the dormitories. Thank goodness. (I still don't have my ID so I can't go to the library.)

One of the guys here loves to sing and does so often. His wake-up call today happens to be Trololo, and he's actually quite good.
There's also a guitarist down the hall. I hae yet to decide whether that's cool or annoying.

On the way back from dinner I noticed that the trees had finally started to turn and that huge portions of the lawn were covered with leaves. (When we got here they were still mostly green.) I think I spent a good ten or fifteen minutes kicking them around and just generally enjoying myself. It reminded me of the times Jessica and I would walk home from school and jump on every leaf we saw on the sidewalk to hear them crunch.


  1. I love the sound of a Fall leaf underfoot!

  2. Oh, the guitarist's cool, you know it. What kind of book selection do they have in the Cozy Corner?

  3. I haven't seen much yet. I do know Brie (Francine's roommate) is borrowing a book about Henry VIII that I really want to read.The guitarist would be cool if he didn't play at 11pm.